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Date:2009-03-16 12:20
Subject:rip cricket. i love you, little girl


my horse, cricket, colicked suddenly last night. she was grazing calmly in the pasture, and when i checked on her an hour later she was rolling in the pasture and not getting up. we did all that we could but she was not getting any relief. the vet came out and told me that she had a large colon torsion and if we left for surgery right away she'd have about a 30% chance. i talked it over with my beloved teacher and mentor and we both decided that the risks and complications involved with the surgery were not worth putting her through just because i want her to be here. so an hour and a half after it all began, it ended and we put her down. i am devastated and heartbroken. she was 19 years old and my favorite lesson horse. she was the first horse that was completely mine and i only got to have her for 4 months. i know that she knew that she was no longer a lesson horse, and that she belonged to me. i know that she knew i love her. and i know she loved her new home. but i miss her terribly and this all feels like a surreal nightmare. in fact, i had a dream last night that she passed manure and we had all panicked for nothing.

i am an equine major. horses are my only passion. i have struggled often because though i love them and am dedicated, i never had my own to apply my knowledge to. now that this has happened i know that it does not mean that i shouldn't be in horses. i know that i watched her like a hawk and did everything i possibly could have. but it's hard because i want to run and not risk this happening again. i know that it is common and not my fault. but i'm scared that i'm cursed and horses are just not meant to be mine.

i have a piece of her tail, and i don't know what i want to make with it. i also have her halter. i think i'm going to get it embroidered and hang it in my room. if anyone has any ideas, i would love to hear them.

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Date:2008-04-20 16:41
Subject:New pics!!
Mood: good

 As ussually I rode horse today and we rode outside in the meadows.
I rode on my favorite horse.So that means.. my boyfriend took pics!
I think they're beautiful exept because it's in the nature :)

Here are the pics:











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Date:2008-04-09 07:01
Subject:Barrel Racing

Yesterday, I began starting Ace out on beginning to barrel race, I think he did good for his first time! 

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Date:2008-04-06 14:32
Subject:Tinker!! <3
Mood: loved

 I'm busy with putting all my new pics on all my sites an dyes.. LJ's one of it!
I've got new pics from me and my favorite horse!
My boyfriend bought a new digital camera friday and I said he could take as much beautiful pics of me and the horses now and he did this morning.And I must say,it's a good camera with a good quality!! 

So I rode my favorite horse afcourse.I was happy that I could ride her again because mostly I only want pics of me and Tinker.
Here are some pics from Tinker!:



Time for grooming!



I love this one!!


And these are 2 when I'm riding her.



He took a lot of pics yet but I just posted the one with me and Tinker here 'cause all the rest are pics from the riding school itself and some other horses..
So that's it!!
Hmmpff..,tomorrow it's back school :(
i don't wnat to,but yeah,I have to :( :P

Have a nice day yet!!

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Date:2008-03-30 19:46
Subject:Tinker <3
Mood: loved

 Horsebackriding was kinda stressy today.
I mostly am stressy bacause I want to know om which horse I must ride but i ain't stressy for a month already now so I was happy,'till today..

I came on my riding school and went to the bar as always so I can see on who I have to ride.
I had to ride on my fav horse today Tinker!! So I set her outside her box,went to the saddlery and laid her saddle and bridle next to her.
but when I wanted to start her grooming it begun to rain so I was like "grr,fucking weather :(" so I took her back inside her box and saddled her up.But then it started to thunder and there were also some lightnings and I never rode before when it thundered.
I became kinda stressy 'cause I know Tinker character!! When there's just a lil' wind she's already really scared and runs away from every lil' sound or moving thing.So when I mounted her her ears were really pointed to the outside and I was like "she's going to run away!" Actually I like it but I just was stressy 'cause I never rode like this before.

But actually she didn't do anything!! I was kinda shocked 'cause I wasn't used to this!
Ok,she maybe run away for one time but that was because some girls we're laughing and making some noices next to the ring.
The lesson was great.We had to practice on controlling our horse and I did it really good! So we had to go from trot to canter and back to trot,making a circle and going back to canter and then to step.. you know! :P

I really love Tinker!! <3 She's my everything and if there would happen something to her I'd die!!
I asked my boyfriend to take a pic when I just mounted her!
you can see how concentrated she is!!
Pity enough the pic isn't that clearly 'cause he took the pic with his mobile but I love new pictures!!


So,I'm already looking forward to next sunday! but probably I won't ride on Tinker then.They try to let us ride on many different horses..

So,that's it!
Have a nice day yet!

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Date:2008-03-29 10:45
Subject:Riding Club

I went to the fair grounds last night where the riding club was having their "Play Day,"  and had a blast! It was so much fun being around others who share a love of horses, it was great! I watched the pole bending and barrel racing events, they were spectacular! I got a few cool pole bending videos, maybe I can post them on youtube soon. I can't wait to become a member, maybe I can take my horse "Ace," out there next Friday. Excited!

Other than that, I played rock band with my fiance, it was actually pretty fun...I sang! <3

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Date:2008-03-25 09:47
Subject:Flanders Horse Expo '08(part2)
Mood: calm

This is part 2 of Flanders Horse Expo '08,
yet an incredible day with lots of pics and some vids!!


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Date:2008-03-24 08:46
Subject:Riding Round'
Mood: optimistic

So, I went camping on a working ranch this past weekend ( www.barjranch.biz/  ) with my fiance and we had loads of fun! I went trail riding on a beautiful buck skin mare, and I also learned how to herd cows...It was a great experience! We are thinking of maybe getting some of our friends together and going back this Summer, I hope so, I had a great time!

Then when we came home (Easter Sunday), my new bay quarter horse "Ace," was waiting for me! He is truly a looker, I rode him around for the first time by myself yesterday, he rides smoothly, but he wants to be the boss, if he wants to stop...he stops, if he wants to turn a certain way...he turns. However, I shown him who was "The Boss," yesterday, LOL! I believe he just needs some proper training is all, then he'll be alright. I am wanting to teach him to lunge soon, gotta get a lunge line first, I do not currently own one. Also, I am thinking of joining the riding club in my town, they have a "play day," here every Friday night, I think it will be fun and give me a chance to make some new friends of people my age!

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Date:2008-03-22 22:17
Subject:Flanders Horse Expo '08
Mood: hyper

Flanders Horse Expo was great!!!
I really enjoyed my day!

Click beneath and watch my many video's and pics!!

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Date:2008-03-21 09:36

Hello All, my name is Brittany Benton, I am 17 from Arkansas. 
I am new and just created a LJ of my own. LOL, everyone feel free
to add me to your friends list *hint-hint* !

I own a blue roan quarter horse stallion named "Stormy,"
 (getting him clipped in Fall, Thank GOD!) and I am getting
 a beautiful bay quarter horse gelding this Saturday.Both
of my boys is beautiful. I ride Western of course,lol.

Also, I will be attending college this Fall in West Virgina
at Meredith Manor Equestrian Centre, what could
be better than a college all about horses?! 

I really would like to learn how to barrel race one day
when I get a little more experience. :D

Here are some pics of "Stormy" :


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Date:2008-03-17 10:59
Subject:Horses and stuff!
Mood: bored

Hey friends!

I ride horse yesterday as usual and there happend some things..
I ride a horse,named Silver, who's always very stubborn. I saddled him up,which is difficult too 'cause his always throwing up his head in the air when I wanted to put on his bridle but it succeed.Then I went out the stable with Silver and went to the ring.
But against the wall there stood a wheel barrow with beets in it and I didn't noticed that so he stopped and I was like.. "why wouldn't you come with me,are you scared of something?" and then he attacked the beets!! So I pulled the reins for some seconds and then he listened and followed me.

Next when I had to ride individual he was stubborn again,as usual but my teacher says I'm a good rider :D,and suddenly he bumped against the wall with his nose.I was kinda shocked and feeled pity with him but not for long because he started to buck.
I really sweated on that horse!! But I didn't fell off so that's good. :D

Saturday I'm going to 'Flanders Horse Expo '08" at Expo Gent.
You can buy a ticket for 3 days 'cause it's a whole weekend but i'm only going on saturday 'cause it seems the most interesting day to me. :)
They're giving a show with voltige,western,dressage,jumping and about the Arabian horse,which is my fav!:D, and also about the fresian horse.I'll try to make many pics!So I'm already looking forward to it but first I've got work placement on wednesday and thursday..
I hate those days!!

But ok.. I'll just wait well behaved. :P
Have a nice day yet!


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Date:2007-12-25 12:30
Subject:Happy Holidays

The employees of Horse On Course wishes everyone a wonderful Holiday Season.

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Date:2007-09-05 10:00
Mood: excited

my other post didnt work wahhhhhhh um im aussie and i own a dapple grey clydie cross percheron mare

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Date:2007-08-24 14:14
Mood: chipper

I'm addicted to drawing!! I think I drew over 15 drawings last week.
And I want to share a few of those with you.




and I'm proud of this one!:



Tonight I'm going to sleep with my boyfriend and also tomorrow,*squee*^^.
He's my first addiction,haha,lol.

Have a nice day yet;)

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Date:2007-08-21 12:54
Subject:Sim game

I found this game a few months ago and I thought you guys might enjoy it too!


It's really great! You don't have to spend hours on it everyday just be good, and its free to play! The only thing that costs money are the passes, but you don't really need them. ;-)

If you join, I would really appreciate it if you put me down as your sponsor! My username is thatsavagegirl.

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Date:2007-08-18 12:32
Subject:Walk on the beach..
Mood: okay

I was at sea yesterday and I did a walk on beach..

At 6pm my granddad went to the riding school with me.We we're kinda early there yet 'cause the walk was at 7pm.
I had to ride a horse that I knew in the past also and I already ride on him.Next to me in the stables there was a girl who was going to do this for her fist time.

So when we leaved I felt good.Everything went smoothly,we did a trot a canter and stuff but the girl,who was next to me in the stables,fell off.She as crying 'cause it hurted.She changed her horse with her friends one so that she felt more comfortable.After that when we we're going back to do a canter there was a guy on the beach with a sort of parachute,you know,kind of kite.
My horse was scared of it and he get as fast as he can.He was leaving the group and went to the sea so I thought,oh no,this is not going right!So I tryed to get him back to the group but at that moment I was shoveing away of the saddle to the right side.My right foot was still in the err.. you know,that thing where you're feets are in :D haha.So he still galopped fast as I was on his side.It was kind of a stunt,haha:PI fell of but I landed on my feet so I didn't get hurt,hehe,only my foot that was stucked.So I was mounting back up my horse and at that moment I saw that the girl fell off also for her second time,so actually nobody noticed me when I fell off.haha.:)
The girl went back home 'cause everything hurted to much and stuff.
So next time when I saw a kite I was hoping that he wasn't going to do the same thing but that didn't happend,luckilly.
So it was nice yet!
I'll post a pic of it later.

Some peoples thinks horsebackriding is stupid and simple,but that isn't!! It's a kind of art and many people doens't know that! ;)
I hope I will be back on the beach next year.That will depend on my grandparents.

Hope you're all having a nice day yet!

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Date:2007-08-15 16:28
Subject:Horse riding lessons

Hey guys, I recently wrote a short section on my website about how teens can use their horse riding expertise to make money giving lessons. The article is Tutoring & Lessons 101
I myself am not familiar with riding or what it entails, so if any of you could take a look and give me pointers on what I should add I would really appreciate it!

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Date:2007-08-15 15:54

I just joined this community, so I thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm 14 years old and I live in the US. I've been taking dressage lessons at my current barn for 2 or three years. Here's a picture of the horse I ride: http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/9673/horseel1.png He's still got some of his winter coat in that picture. ^_^ He's a 14/15 hand (ish?) Quarter horse gelding. I really love him! 

I have a small collection of Breyers, and I'm also an amateur equine artist and photographer.

That's it I guess! I just wanted to introduce myself.

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Date:2007-08-12 19:47
Subject:Horses are so cute!!..*ahum*
Mood: getting bored

I fell off my horse this morning.My arm is hurting a bit and my vein is swollen up but it's not that bad.It's just a lil' bit.
This was the first time that I ride that horse.They told me she was a very nice horse but at the beginning of the lesson she can be annoying.And yes she was! You know why?! She didn't ride anymore 'till a year ago! So yeah,.. the horse was to energic and she started to make cappers and rear up.And about ten minutes she jumped up for 1 meter or more and then I fell off.They told me already many kids have fell off that horse.They putted her back in her stable(what is wrong!)and I had to ride another horse(my favorite one).

When I come home I normally take a shower,because of all that dirt and horseshit on your body,haha,no horseshit ;) but you know what I mean.Well,when I came back home,'cause I slept with my boyfriend,my mum told me I couldn't take a shower.Yeah,my dad is working at the water pipes and we can't use water.I even don't dare to go to the toilet :O Isn't that a shame,haha! :D

So I still smell like a horse now :P..

I'll see you later! ^^

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Date:2007-08-05 00:14

Hi all! I'm new to this community so I thought to introduce myself :).

I'm 16 years old girl and I live in Finland (am I the only Finn here?). I've had riding as a hobby at least for 10 years. I don't have my own horse (I don't have enough time or money) but I go to a riding school twice a week. And occasionally ride one horse when his owner needs an extra hand ;). I ride English horseriding but I have tried Western few times since the riding school I go has Western saddles too.

I'm deeply in love with jumping but don't really dislike dressage either. But I'm sucker for speed and excitement.. so everything that makes my hair flutter in the wind wins with me :D.

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