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Horses and stuff!

Hey friends!

I ride horse yesterday as usual and there happend some things..
I ride a horse,named Silver, who's always very stubborn. I saddled him up,which is difficult too 'cause his always throwing up his head in the air when I wanted to put on his bridle but it succeed.Then I went out the stable with Silver and went to the ring.
But against the wall there stood a wheel barrow with beets in it and I didn't noticed that so he stopped and I was like.. "why wouldn't you come with me,are you scared of something?" and then he attacked the beets!! So I pulled the reins for some seconds and then he listened and followed me.

Next when I had to ride individual he was stubborn again,as usual but my teacher says I'm a good rider :D,and suddenly he bumped against the wall with his nose.I was kinda shocked and feeled pity with him but not for long because he started to buck.
I really sweated on that horse!! But I didn't fell off so that's good. :D

Saturday I'm going to 'Flanders Horse Expo '08" at Expo Gent.
You can buy a ticket for 3 days 'cause it's a whole weekend but i'm only going on saturday 'cause it seems the most interesting day to me. :)
They're giving a show with voltige,western,dressage,jumping and about the Arabian horse,which is my fav!:D, and also about the fresian horse.I'll try to make many pics!So I'm already looking forward to it but first I've got work placement on wednesday and thursday..
I hate those days!!

But ok.. I'll just wait well behaved. :P
Have a nice day yet!


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