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Flanders Horse Expo '08

Flanders Horse Expo was great!!!
I really enjoyed my day!

Click beneath and watch my many video's and pics!!

I woke up at 08.00am 'cause I really couldn't wait for this day and we went over there at 09.00am.We were there at 09.50 so we could be there for the beginning 'cause it started at 10.00am.
I first looked at all the things who were there to buy stuff.It were all the horse stores of Belgium who were there so I really was like "OMG,I want to live here! :D" haha.So it was like a huge horse market!I buyed some stuff like riding socks(pink socks :D),a very lil' bridle that you could hang up in your car,a bag with fresian horses on it,and some more things..

Then there was already a demonstration about horsemanship.I took some pics of it and went to another hall 'cause there we're 3 big halls with 2 riding rings.Then I watched some Horseball! I never watched this before in my life so this was my first time and I enjoyed it!For those who don't know horseball.. it's like football on your horse,only that you take the ball with your hands.
It looks SO active,so amuseful but dangerous afcourse!

After that I got hungry so I went outside and eated a hamburger,hmm!I love those! :D
Then I went to something else that was also organised this weekend.It was all about animals and pets.I buyed a necklace for my dog with a heart and her name on it!:)

At 14.30pm I went back to Horse Expo 'cause then there was a demonstration about how to get your horse unstressed.
Here are some pics of it.

After that demo there was amazone dressage.It really was a competition!
There were beautiful horses,like this Fresian horse!

After that there was a lil' demo about horsemanship which was really interresting!
They told us about your sit on your horse and how about to ride them exactly!
And finally after that there was a presentation about Arabian horses which was really great because this are my favorite horses!!
I've got a lot of vids about them.You can all watch them.

Arabian horses:

Amzone dressage:

And guess what?!
Monday I'm moving back over there!! XD
Then there will be dressage and showjumping so I'm going to make back video's and stuff!
I can't wait 'till Monday!! YAY XD
But first I have to ride tommorow,that's also a lot of fun.
It really is a nice horse weekend for me! XD XD

Bye and see you for the next horse expo journal!! :D
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