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Flanders Horse Expo '08(part2)

This is part 2 of Flanders Horse Expo '08,
yet an incredible day with lots of pics and some vids!!

Yesterday was a great day too!Only that my back and feets hurted that much.I think I stand on the same place for 4 hours without moving!!So that really hurts but yeah,.. I really wanted to watch all the shows. :D

First of all there was a jumping clinic so 4 riders had to jump across a parcours and there was a man who told everything about jumping but these jumps were'nt that high so I'm not posting pics of it here 'cause later on the day there was a better one but that's not for now yet..

Then there was a kür of Pas de Deux.2 horses are riding a kür but they have to ride exactly the same thing!It's like a mirror.
Here are some pics of it:

And here's a vid:

After that it was an incredible demonstration of Voltige,you know,gymnastics on a horse!
I really enjoyed this one 'cause I never saw this in my life before.Also their costums were nice.
Here are the pics:

And the vid:

Then there was a presentation of Lusitano's.It were nice and beautiful horses.
Many amazones rodes into the ring and showed us some dressage stuff.


After that A Belgian Dressage Champion came in the ring!It was Jeroen Devroe who's riding Appolo and Paganini!!
He told us everything about dressage and riding a kür and then he showed us one because next week he has a competition so this was a kind of training fior him.

I also got a signature of him and a pic!!Don't mind our rare heads XD :

Then there was some horseball yet but I couldn't make pics of the competition 'cause I was waiting for my signature from Jeroen Devroe.I then went outside for a drink 'cause I had to wait and hour for the last show.
But when I returned there was a demonstration about the Tinker/Irish Cob in another ring.I also took some pics of this horse:

And finally after that there was another jumping demonstration but not a simple one.
It was presentated by a Belgian jumping rider who's the 75th in the World-list!! It was Phillipe Le Jeune!!
I also got a singature of him and some pics!
Here's one of him but he's not that clearly:

And here are the pics from the riders:

And also a vid yet!:

So that's it folks!!
Up to next year!Haha XD

Have a nice day yet!
Sofie Xx..

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