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Tinker <3

 Horsebackriding was kinda stressy today.
I mostly am stressy bacause I want to know om which horse I must ride but i ain't stressy for a month already now so I was happy,'till today..

I came on my riding school and went to the bar as always so I can see on who I have to ride.
I had to ride on my fav horse today Tinker!! So I set her outside her box,went to the saddlery and laid her saddle and bridle next to her.
but when I wanted to start her grooming it begun to rain so I was like "grr,fucking weather :(" so I took her back inside her box and saddled her up.But then it started to thunder and there were also some lightnings and I never rode before when it thundered.
I became kinda stressy 'cause I know Tinker character!! When there's just a lil' wind she's already really scared and runs away from every lil' sound or moving thing.So when I mounted her her ears were really pointed to the outside and I was like "she's going to run away!" Actually I like it but I just was stressy 'cause I never rode like this before.

But actually she didn't do anything!! I was kinda shocked 'cause I wasn't used to this!
Ok,she maybe run away for one time but that was because some girls we're laughing and making some noices next to the ring.
The lesson was great.We had to practice on controlling our horse and I did it really good! So we had to go from trot to canter and back to trot,making a circle and going back to canter and then to step.. you know! :P

I really love Tinker!! <3 She's my everything and if there would happen something to her I'd die!!
I asked my boyfriend to take a pic when I just mounted her!
you can see how concentrated she is!!
Pity enough the pic isn't that clearly 'cause he took the pic with his mobile but I love new pictures!!

So,I'm already looking forward to next sunday! but probably I won't ride on Tinker then.They try to let us ride on many different horses..

So,that's it!
Have a nice day yet!
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