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Tinker!! <3

 I'm busy with putting all my new pics on all my sites an dyes.. LJ's one of it!
I've got new pics from me and my favorite horse!
My boyfriend bought a new digital camera friday and I said he could take as much beautiful pics of me and the horses now and he did this morning.And I must say,it's a good camera with a good quality!! 

So I rode my favorite horse afcourse.I was happy that I could ride her again because mostly I only want pics of me and Tinker.
Here are some pics from Tinker!:

Time for grooming!

I love this one!!

And these are 2 when I'm riding her.

He took a lot of pics yet but I just posted the one with me and Tinker here 'cause all the rest are pics from the riding school itself and some other horses..
So that's it!!
Hmmpff..,tomorrow it's back school :(
i don't wnat to,but yeah,I have to :( :P

Have a nice day yet!!
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