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Horses are so cute!!..*ahum*

I fell off my horse this morning.My arm is hurting a bit and my vein is swollen up but it's not that bad.It's just a lil' bit.
This was the first time that I ride that horse.They told me she was a very nice horse but at the beginning of the lesson she can be annoying.And yes she was! You know why?! She didn't ride anymore 'till a year ago! So yeah,.. the horse was to energic and she started to make cappers and rear up.And about ten minutes she jumped up for 1 meter or more and then I fell off.They told me already many kids have fell off that horse.They putted her back in her stable(what is wrong!)and I had to ride another horse(my favorite one).

When I come home I normally take a shower,because of all that dirt and horseshit on your body,haha,no horseshit ;) but you know what I mean.Well,when I came back home,'cause I slept with my boyfriend,my mum told me I couldn't take a shower.Yeah,my dad is working at the water pipes and we can't use water.I even don't dare to go to the toilet :O Isn't that a shame,haha! :D

So I still smell like a horse now :P..

I'll see you later! ^^
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