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Walk on the beach..

I was at sea yesterday and I did a walk on beach..

At 6pm my granddad went to the riding school with me.We we're kinda early there yet 'cause the walk was at 7pm.
I had to ride a horse that I knew in the past also and I already ride on him.Next to me in the stables there was a girl who was going to do this for her fist time.

So when we leaved I felt good.Everything went smoothly,we did a trot a canter and stuff but the girl,who was next to me in the stables,fell off.She as crying 'cause it hurted.She changed her horse with her friends one so that she felt more comfortable.After that when we we're going back to do a canter there was a guy on the beach with a sort of parachute,you know,kind of kite.
My horse was scared of it and he get as fast as he can.He was leaving the group and went to the sea so I thought,oh no,this is not going right!So I tryed to get him back to the group but at that moment I was shoveing away of the saddle to the right side.My right foot was still in the err.. you know,that thing where you're feets are in :D haha.So he still galopped fast as I was on his side.It was kind of a stunt,haha:PI fell of but I landed on my feet so I didn't get hurt,hehe,only my foot that was stucked.So I was mounting back up my horse and at that moment I saw that the girl fell off also for her second time,so actually nobody noticed me when I fell off.haha.:)
The girl went back home 'cause everything hurted to much and stuff.
So next time when I saw a kite I was hoping that he wasn't going to do the same thing but that didn't happend,luckilly.
So it was nice yet!
I'll post a pic of it later.

Some peoples thinks horsebackriding is stupid and simple,but that isn't!! It's a kind of art and many people doens't know that! ;)
I hope I will be back on the beach next year.That will depend on my grandparents.

Hope you're all having a nice day yet!
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